Trial was nerve racking but Josh was with me the whole way through … He is extremely competent and professional

3/5/2020 – Thomas

I was arrested for driving under the influence in January of 2018. The first thing I did when I was released from jail was get on the web and look up reviews for San Diego’s best DUI attorneys. Josh’s reviews were terrific. I heard nothing but good things about the whole process of working with josh from yelp and other review websites. I called him immediately and he had me come down to his office that day! He explained to me honestly what he thought about my case and the possibilities he saw in the outcome. Once I decided to hire him the process started. The DA was not willing to offer any sort of plea bargain. So nearly 6 months later josh made sure it was 100% my choice and we went to trial. Josh was amazing and the experts he hired were extremely intelligent and forthcoming about the fact that just because my blood alcohol was reported .11 didn’t mean it actually was. The portable breathalyzer had been taken out of service a week before because of inaccurate readings. The trial was nerve racking, but Josh was with me the whole way through. We ended up with a hung jury 10-2. This was great news! At the next hearing josh was able to get a plea bargain for a wet and reckless! With .11 blood BAC this is almost unheard of. I still have to do the alcohol program but so far I’m still driving. I would highly recommend Joshua Price as your DUI Attorney. He is extremely competent and professional. Thanks Josh!

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