Thank you, Mr. Price, because I witnessed how hard you fought in my case

3/4/2020 – Joshua Rodriguez

Thank God, for your Love & Mercy! And thank you, Mr. Price, because I witnessed how hard you fought in my case. Mr. Price will not give you false promises; he is courteous and respectful but clear and direct.

After visiting three or four of the most “popular/renowned” attorneys in the area, I met Mr. Price at his office; he was very kind and explained in detail the charges against me, as well as the possible consequences.  He never promised anything, other than his commitment to fight for the best of my benefit and he accomplished his words. Mr. Price is worth every penny!

Below some facts of the case:  charged with a first DUI offense with .16% blood alcohol level and .14/.15% Portable Breath Test results.  After many court appearances, we decided to “file a motion to suppress evidence” to try to get the blood evidence suppressed.  Mr. Price was able to win the motion and the Judge agreed that the seizure of the blood was in violation of the 4th Amendment and she suppressed the results which ended up in a dismissal of the Blood evidence charge!

Unfortunately, I still had the charge of the Portable Breath Test, but Mr. Price let me know that our position to win within a “Jury trial” had improved considerably. At the end of the day he let me choose between going to a jury trial to get the whole case dismissed or fighting for a wet and reckless “wet reckless” to which I decided to fight for the wet reckless.

Believe me it wasn’t easy. Initially the WET was not granted but Mr. Price used all his resources and in a second instance and appearance in court, he finally could achieve the WET, which was a great outcome for me!

I am sure if we had gone to trial we would have won it thanks to God and the good work, courage and reputation of Attorney Price, but after several months of waiting throughout the process I believe I took the best decision. I also want to thank his assistance Amanda who always kept me informed and answered all my questions to this day.

Hope my review can help you as other reviews helped me during those difficult days of uncertainty! keep the faith and stay strong.

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