Mr. Price and his assistant Amanda made my DUI situation the most comfortable situation that I could have ever had…18% Breath Alcohol Level with accident-entire case dismissed

6/13/2020 – Jonny E.

Mr. Price and his assistant Amanda made my DUI situation the most comfortable situation that I could have ever had. I unfortunately wrecked my truck and was charged with a DUI, but out of all of the law offices that I called this one stuck out to me. From the very beginning of my dealings, I was greeted with such concern about my situation. This concern for my well-being only grew as the months to over a year of legal and DMV proceedings occurred. Mr. Price continuously impressed me with the amount of time and thought that was being put into my case. I was not just another person contributing to a retainer. This team is available to help with any concerns and their response time is very great, even when it is something small that you just need answered for say comfort or guidance during your situation.

Mr. Price got me accepted into the Military Diversion Program (MDP) after a few months of building a package to submit to the courts. This program is basically a way for qualified veteran service members to go through a year-long minimum program and if successfully completed then all charges and the arrest are dropped. I didn’t even know that this program was a possibility, but it was this law office that immediately started working with me to find the best solution for my case and informed me of it. It was Mr. Price’s mission to get me in and get me out as quickly as possible and with the least amount of court appearances as possible. Who enjoys going to court? No-one, so having someone fight for you to not have to bear through a court hearing if it is not absolutely necessary is fantastic.

Mr. Price also worked magic with my DMV hearing, after I think it was 8 separate hearings. The case continued to get continued as new witnesses and discovery were analyzed. Most lawyers wouldn’t even attempt to try to win a DMV hearing for you because so rarely do they succeed. However, Mr. Price was a champion at finding any little thing that he could try to use in my favor and exploiting that to its maximum potential. I luckily won my DMV hearing and was able to keep my license and not have to go through any of the breathalyzer shenanigans. The only reason that I did was because of Mr. Price’s ability and passion to give everything that he does maximum effort all of the time.

If you are looking for someone to represent you, Mr. Price, his assistant Amanda, and Defending Rights are absolutely the way to go. Breathe easy and know that you have a fantastic attorney that will go to battle for you and find the best possible outcome for your situation. Worth every penny, highly recommend.

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