DUI Drugs

DUI involving drugs in governed by Vehicle Code 23152(a) and can be difficult for the Prosecution to prove. Unlike DUI cases involving alcohol where there is a .08% limit, there are no such limits involving drugs. These cases typically involve a quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of one’s blood (sometime urine). Based on this analysis the prosecution will decide to go forward on a case, dismiss it, or not file any charges on it.

DUI drug cases involve similar penalties as an alcohol related DUI case and can also be enhanced for each subsequent DUI charge. These cases need not only an expert DUI attorney, but experts in drug analysis and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) to evaluate a case to see what the state’s evidence really means. Mr. Price has a great relationship with some of the best experts in the state that he uses when handling these cases. He has also successfully defended many drug cases!