I came across Josh Price and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful and fortunate I was to pick Josh for my case…14% Breath Alcohol level-NOT GUILTY

3/25/2020 – A. Perez

Let me start off by saying DUI had to be the most horrific experience I ever had. I never been arrested and never been in trouble with the law in the past. This experience was definitely eye opening and life changing. Last year I was arrested at the border coming back from wine country in Mexico. It was late and tired from the drive and hadn’t had a drink for a couple hours so I figured I was ok to drive. I get to the border and after interaction with the customs officer I was escorted to secondary. I didn’t realize at the time I was being arrested for suspicion of DUI. They order me out of the car and I fail all field sobriety tests. Taken to CHP offices and blow a .14 and a .13. I am arrested and booked.

After the shock and after spending the night in jail I return home knowing I have to get an attorney. Unfortunately, for me my job requires a clean driving record and I am in jeopardy of losing my career. I do some research and start looking for attorneys. I came across Josh Price and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful and fortunate I was to pick Josh for my case. I had talked to friends in the past and knew I was fighting an uphill battle. First offense with that high BAC level mandatory suspension of DL, fines, insurance rates etc. but more importantly I lose my job.

I had no choice but to try and save my career fight the charges and go to trial. Let me say that Josh knows his law. From picking a jury to bringing in special witnesses and most importantly knowing all the rights of a defendant and laws of DUI. We didn’t get the most cooperative Judge; we also had the cards stacked against us because of my high BAC. I have to say none of that mattered, Josh was a bulldog in court, he fought for me and gave me a chance and was all I was asking for considering the circumstances and the reality of my .14 BAC. He walked me through the whole process worked with me when I needed guidance and was always available to me. Mr. Price never gave me false hope and was painfully honest with me. He said it will be a fight. He came to court everyday prepared and started chipping away at the prosecutor’s case. He was very personable, and the jury understood him and our case. Forward to judgement day, the jury comes back and finds me not guilty of all charges!!

I can’t say enough about Josh and his commitment to my case and his expertise is second to none. Obviously, everyone’s DUI is going to have different circumstances but know that this man is going to give you his all and your best shot at it beating your DUI. I now have my license back kept my job and will be endlessly grateful to this man. Thank you Josh!!

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