Total Dismissal of Drug and Alcohol DUI

May 3, 2019 – Louie

In February 2018, I was arrested for driving under the influence and a blood test came back positive for cannabis. My criminal history isn’t too great – I’m a “super striker” and had a recent felony conviction that I’d gotten probation. Looking at my history, no DA was going to cut me any slack and the super striker status means any jail time gets automatically doubled. I was referred to Joshua Price by another attorney who didn’t want my case and said he was the best. I wanted him to delay the case as long as possible and he was very successful – trial was originally scheduled for August 2018 and it was postponed until April 2019. Not great for him because he made numerous trips to the Vista courthouse but great for me because I didn’t attend anything other than the Preliminary hearing. I was given both a breathalyzer and a blood test and he filed a Motion to Suppress the blood test and won! That meant we no longer had to deal the cannabis and only had to fight the DUI. At the preliminary hearing, he managed to get the cop to say “I don’t know” or “I don’t remember” multiple times and was clearly respected – even congratulated on his performance by another attorney. The final result? A TOTAL DISMISSAL OF CHARGES. To say I was shocked with the outcome is an understatement. Because of my history, some of the other attorneys I originally contacted wanted more for a retainer than a DUI would have cost. While not cheap, Mr. Price was worth every penny and he earned it. He put a lot of hours and thought into my case. Also, because this is all he does, he’s truly an expert and that was clear in all our actions. He just knows more about this area of law than anyone else in the room. Throughout the process, he was respectful, responsive, and always kept me informed. I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to work with a number of different lawyers and Mr. Price is one of the best. I recommend him without reservation!

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