March 15, 2019 – Steph

Joshua did an amazing job on my case!! I was facing a second DUI which included a NIGHTMARE of consequences, such as jail time, an 18 month DUI program, road side work, up to 2 year license suspension, a HUGE fine and much, much more. I was absolutely terrified so I looked around for the best DUI lawyer I could find. Joshua was so helpful and made me feel a lot better. When Joshua called me and left me a voicemail telling me he was able to reduce my fine to a wet and reckless, I was beyond happy. He went so out of his way, he even spoke with a supervisor at the courthouse to fight for my case. I ended up with NO jail time (which was my biggest fear), a 12 HOUR program VS, an 18 MONTH program, no alcohol anonymous classes, no road side work, decreased fine by more than 500 dollars, only 1 year suspension (Could have been less but I waited too long for a Dmv hearing), and so so much more. If it wasn’t for him, I would be at a really bad place right now. If your iffy on getting a lawyer, my advice is to go for it because the court system will give you the worst punishment possible, regardless of the situation. In my case, Josh really fought for me and the results showed for itself!

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