May 29, 2019 – Joe

Was arrested for DUI without any accident on my birthday which was the first offense of my life. Submitted to FST, refused PAS, but did blood test with a 0.11 BAC result. My attorney wasn’t able to negotiate a plea offer from the DA so I ended up going to trial. I’m an RN so my professional license was on the line. My attorney brought Josh on as co-council for my trial. I immediately began to understand why this was. From the beginning, Josh was compelling and charismatic. He was there for every minute of the 7 day trial which ended up dragging on much longer than expected. He knew how to cross-examine the toxicologists and crime lab specialists and he was always prepared. The jury deliberated for another two days and then declared that they were officially hung. Was declared a mistrial and eventually got a wet-reckless plea deal, which I accepted. My only regret is that I didn’t hire him from the beginning. I’m thankful to have had him represent me!

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