Highly Recommend if you want an upfront attorney who looks out for YOU

5/4/2018 – Jordan, M.

In January of this year, my boyfriend got his first DUI (and hopefully his last). It was absolutely terrifying to get that call at 1:30 a.m, and get told that my boyfriend entered a checkpoint under the influence, and was being arrested for a DUI! Instinctively, I started calling around to; bail bonds, the central jail, the tow company, the impound lot, and his parents. After 12 hours of being locked up (and 4 hours of trying to get my car), he was finally released. As soon as he was released on bail, I knew we had to retain an attorney to represent him in his case. Luckily, we knew Josh! Not only was Mr. Price extremely knowledgeable and organized, he also helped our experience be a little less scary. His assistant Amanda is also great! She stayed in contact with us throughout the entire experience and was quick to answer any questions we had!

My boyfriend had a “cocktail” of things in his system, so right off the bat we thought he would be going to jail for sure; however, Josh assured us that a first time DUI rarely gets jail time (circumstance can alter this of course). We were very lucky to have Attorney Price as his representation. Josh was able to get him a “wet and reckless” rather than a DUI! We also received reduced fines and no community service or jail time!

DUI’s can be an extremely scary experience for all parties involved. While it may no be possible to ease your mind in total, retaining Attorney Price will definitely be a step in the right Direction.

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