4/30/2018 – Jacqui, K.

I hired him as a substitute lawyer since my previous couldn’t get me wet and reckless. Due to this DUI , I lost my job and turned down by several job opportunities. Frustration to bear was too much. Mr. Price was recommended by one of my DUI class friends. Thank you Jennifer you are my life saver! He was specific, honest and easy to get hold of whenever I had questions. Provided me every option that I could work on with my case. There had been ups and downs, but he had never let my case go banished. He was the utmost responsible attorney and did his magic. After one long and torturous year passed by, finally I got wet and reckless on my birthday. I can move onto my life now for better and good. Thank god!!! If I didn’t hire him, my life would have gone to sewer. He is the kind of attorney you can rely on. Trust me.

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