You have rights and Joshua knows these rights ….14% Blood Alcohol Level-CASE DISMISSED

3/29/2020 – Irishman M.

1.  You made mistake
2. You did a internet search
3. You met with “an attorney”
4. You are confused and have limited time
5. You googled and yelped etc and so on….
6. Your needing legal assistance….and you know you need to retain legal counsel
7. The people you met with seem like those shark sh.t happens attorneys
8. You now know you need real help…you’ve called the DMV and postponed your hearing and you are stressed out
9. You’ve talked yourself into a bad situation
10. End the misery…for the additional fee above those low laying folks you see via the internet that talk and look like lost cast members from the Sopranos do yourself a favor.  Call Joshua and Amanda. Not the most inexpensive, but you truly get what you are paying for.  Within 24 hours expert advice on a SR22, insurance needs and so on.

In person conversation and office visits gave me the confidence that I had found the true expert in navigating my mistake.  I blew a .14.  With expert testimony and retaining a professional in the world of blood work Joshua quickly and expertly put forward a legally and constitutional argument that resulted in the Judge ruling against my conviction.  Read this again….you have rights and Joshua knows these rights….read again….you have rights…The Fourth Amendment….retain his services.

I cannot tell you how much this team will fight for you.  I’m a middle-aged guy who never did anything wrong, except I made a bad decision on driving.  As a middle-aged guy, I’m glad I’ve actually met a member of the legal profession who is versed in the intricacies of our system.   Not that it will happen again, but should I need to retain his services or ask him or Amanda for a reference I would not hesitate.  If you’ve read this review and are in need of help…just call him.  I can tell you it will lead to peace of mind.

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