I was extremely stressed out, Mr. Price walked me through the process …He is a stand up guy

8/29/2019 – Andrew, A.

I got my 2nd DUI and I was involved in an accident, luckily, nobody was hurt. Either way I was facing a Felony, multiple counts based on this. I was extremely stressed out, Mr. Price walked me through the process and on our first court date, where most people that I saw in the court room received ankle bracelets he worked it out so I did not have to wear one. It was a huge win, based on the fact that I did not want to wear that to work. Next, court date the DA would not budge, it was my second DUI this time with an accident and they wanted me in jail. The outlook was grim to say the least. Mr. Price, did his research and he said that he was going to submit a mitigation package to plea down the deal and get better results he told me to be patient. Later, he called me immediately and said that my package was accepted and that I was going to get a misdemeanor that was great news, now the next part was how much jail time would I have to do. Mr. Price prepared me for 4-6 months of house arrest, I live out of the county so would have had to rent a house or go to work furlough, I was not thrilled but I accepted the consequence. Then we went back to court, I was fully ready to accept my punishment and then Mr. Price comes out of the court room and says he negotiated 4 days of house arrest in lieu of the 4-6 months as I originally thought. I was so excited I could have cried. Needless, to say don’t get a DUI, if you do, do not walk it alone call Mr. Price. He kept me informed and was helpful, he cares. The reality is that along the journey and process I met many people who did not get a good attorney and they ended up with the most insane punishment. I read his reviews over and over and asked myself it was worth it, absolutely 100 percent. He is a stand up guy, and at the end of it all gave me a HUGE discount if he was able to get my case down to a misdemeanor. I hope I never see him again “in court” but he is a great guy. Trust me all, I know the certainty, weary, frustration you’re going through. Trust me it’s worth it. I read a ton of articles online and stressed myself out. Mr. Price said that I can’t change what already happened. I’m telling you all this man wants to help you. He is not going to give you a false sense of hope that everything is going to be rainbows and flowers he tells you exactly what he knows, and he does not sugar coat reality. You owe it to yourself to know your rights, Mr. Price did everything he possibly could to help and he did a great job. I also would brace yourself for the DMV

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