I spoke with 3 attorneys and out of the 3, Joshua Price stood out

7/12/2018 – Angela, B.

I made a decision to drive home one night after a holiday party while very intoxicated and was pulled over and charged with a DUI with a BAC of .187. The night was not my greatest moment. Not only was I charged with two counts of DUI, including the high BAC, but I was also charged with obstructing/resisting an officer.  I refused the breathalyzer and so the officer obtained a warrant that night to draw blood.   From the moment I saw those flashing lights in my rear-view mirror my nightmare began.  I am a successful, ambitious, energy healer – I try my best to lead a life of truthful integrity. So, this was a HUGE wakeup call for me to see where I was living my life out of integrity.
California’s stance on DUI is excessively punitive and borders on profitable racketeering. So, it’s a bit of a paradox, yes, I should not have been driving and could have hurt myself or heaven forbid- someone else and I deserved to learn a hard lesson; at the same time, the inhumane way I was treated that night by the officers and jail staff was completely unethical, against the law, and violates my rights as a human being.  I decided that I wanted to fight for myself and what is right and do whatever it took to clear my name. And so I decided to hire an attorney, looking for the professional who would do their best to help put this situation behind me with the best outcome.
I spoke with 3 attorneys and out of the 3, Joshua Price stood out. He asked to meet me in his office as opposed to the other attorneys who only offered a surface level phone call. From the moment I met Joshua I could sense that he was going to be a passionate, personable, communicative fighter on my behalf, so I hired him.  Often times attorneys become inundated and absorbed in their other cases and fall out of communication.  Throughout my case, I consistently felt Joshua and his assistant Amanda a)were fighting for me b)were in communication c)had my best interest at heart.  It was so important for me to have someone like him to rely on during a time in my life that was so embarrassing and painful.
Joshua laid out all options for me, relayed the risks and potential consequences, and empowered me to make the decisions that were right for me.  He went to court for me each time, so I did not have to re-traumatize myself, handled the paperwork and found the answers to my questions particular to my case.
RESULT: Joshua was able to navigate around the Refusal so I avoided a 1 year hard license suspension. Joshua then filed a motion to suppress the blood evidence and we brought in an expert witness to testify. The judge ruled on my behalf and the blood evidence was suppressed.  Both counts of DUI and obstructing/resisting an officer were dismissed. ALL CHARGES DISMISSED! I truly believe had I not hired an attorney, or had I hired a different attorney I would be experiencing a 1 year hard suspension, a DUI, fines, 5 years probation and all the rest of the punitive consequences. I did decide to take the 3 month DUI classes during the process, but because my case was dropped I would not have been forced to…
I’ve learned a couple great life lessons here. This last one- is sometimes you have to fight for yourself and you don’t have to fight alone.  I highly recommend Joshua Price to anyone who is looking for an educated, experienced, passionate, reliable, consistent, communicative, successful attorney who will do everything in his power to have the best scenario outcome in your case.

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