If we could give him more stars we would I would highly recommend them 100%

2/16/2018 – Lizzie, D.

Mr. Joshua Price offered a great service of compassion, diligence and most importantly honesty. To My boyfriend and I our interaction with their office highlighting the fact that my boyfriend was facing a 2nd offense DUI with a violation of probation from his 1st DUI. He blew a .10 on a portable breath test and a .10 on an evidential breath test at the station. He was facing severe penalties including minimum jail time, high fines, public work service, 90 days of SCRAM and a 2 year loss of license. Mr. Price saw some issues in his case and told him to not take the plea deal being offered to plead guilty to a 2nd offense DUI. We filed a motion to suppress evidence and prior to that hearing he was able to get me a plea deal to a non-DUI offense where I did not have to do any jail time, public work service, no license suspension, no SCRAM, and a $846 fine instead of a $2600 fine. The DUI charges and the prior DUI were dismissed! If we could give him more stars, we would I would highly recommend them 100%

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