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You will find my services to be both effective and cost efficient.  I focus my practice exclusively on DUI and Vehicle Code related charges. You will personally meet with and speak with me throughout the duration of your case.  If you have been arrested, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately to discuss your case at no charge!

Qualified in DWI Detection and the Administration of Standardardized Field Sobriety Testing under National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards.  The same training that California Highway Patrol Officer's receive at the academy.



I center my full service DUI practice around each individual client.  No one client is more important than the other and every single client gets 110% of my attention on their case.  My high rate of DUI dismissals and DMV wins is based on the individual attention that every case gets from me personally.  Every single type of DUI case can be won:  no matter if you have a .30 BAC or were involved in a bad collision.  Too many people look at the negatives of these cases and give up.  I personally guarantee that I will fight to do everything possible to have your case dismissed!

DUI Practice Areas

DUI of Alcohol and/or Drugs, Under 21 DUI, Zero Tolerance (Probation Violation), Felony DUI Accident with injury, Felony DUI (Four or more), Refusals, Pilots, Commercial Drivers, Boating Under the Influence Cases, Excessive Speed Enhancement, Evading Police, Child Endangerment, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, Driving on a Suspended License, Unlicensed Driver, and more.  If you have charges related to alcohol, drugs, DMV, or driving this firm does it all very well.

DUI Services

The Law Office of Joshua J. Price is a full service law firm that handles DMV Hearings, DMV Appeals, DUI Trials, DUI motion work, Appeals, Early Termination of Probation, Expungement and anything else related to DMV and Court.

DUI Case Results

From saving a Pilot’s career (filed motions to have a Court find him factually innocent) to have many DUI cases completely dismissed, Mr. Price’s hard work and dedication to his client’s is a tribute to the great results he has achieved in DUI cases over the years (see Results).

DUI Client Testimonials

Joshua Price; The Lawyer Who Saved My Career

“As a government employee at a state correctional facility I thought my life was over when I was charged with a felony DUI. I was facing mandatory jail time and a one year license suspension which would have effectively ended my career. I was referred to Joshua Price and he not only had the felony charge struck down, but he also saved my license from a one year suspension! I was able to retain my employment, my home, and stay out of jail. Mr. Price may look like a surfer, but he bites like a Pit Bull. I can honestly and whole heartedly recommend Mr. Joshua Price to anyone needing a great DUI lawyer.”



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