1/31/2019 – Kathryn, M.

Joshua Price and his assistant Amanda were a real blessing for me in a time of great difficulty. Mr. Price was always available to talk with me regarding my cases (4 prescription med DUIs within 6 months, including collisions), and advise me.  He handled everything professionally and with great expertise and skill.  I never had to go to court or to the DMV hearings and he or Amanda contacted me straight away to inform me the outcome – which was always favorable.  I did not get a felony and did not have to go to jail (only home detention).  Just DUI classes, pay a fine, and MADD class. He even reduced his fee since I was wracking up so many cases in a short period. (had an addiction issue)  Joshua Price is not only an excellent attorney who delivers wondrous outcomes, but is super easy to talk with since he really cares about his clients.  Highly recommend!

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