He was great at communicating what was expected

12/6/2017 – Herbie Jean, C.

Mr. Joshua Price offered a great service with compassion, diligence, and most importantly: honesty. I was charged with my first offense with a .16% BAC. Against the odds, he came out completely on top! He fought the good fight for me because multiple hearings, a few witnesses and an Expert witness later, he was able to get my DUI dismissed! No classes, no work service or any license suspension and no SR-22!

Contacting him was easy and once we agreed to partner, he always kept me updated on my case with earnest. He was great at communicating what was expected, including the worst-case scenario, so Mr. Price quickly earned my trust with transparency. He prepped me for what precautions I should take, including ways to protect myself from further life damage such as DMV issues and insurance. He always told me all of my options and really guided me through my DUI case while always leaving me ultimately in charge. Mr. Joshua Price thank you very much!

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