DUI Client Reviews

"I was recently a Juror in a Criminal trial. I listened to both sides very carefully. It was the Prosecutor who had the burden of proving guilty on 2 Counts, along with a (can't remember the exact word it is called), however an acknowledgement of wrong doing either way. I wonder if Mr. Price gets any sleep at night, because he is very thorough, and he does his homework, and really states his evidence in a professional manner, and the prosecutor has to explain, have an answer. I believe it is because of his detailed information that he is able to present facts, and in listening to these facts, I truly felt that I could not convict beyond a reasonable doubt, therefore I did what I felt the evidence presented, and my vote as a Juror was not guilty. I give him a 5 star rating, however, I am not planning on ever having to use his services tee hee."
K.B.                            5/15/2014

"Joshua Price is truly an experienced professional with mastery attorney skills. My interaction with him was always friendly, stress free and productive. In court he presented himself in a strategic manner with great and intelligent emotion to persuade the jury. It was easy to text, call and email Josh at any time of the day. Josh, against many odds, never gave up and expressed a diligent willingness to fight for me in every way possible. Every step of the way, he knew what he was doing and was prepared for every obstacle. I was charged with DUI, accident, blood test of .23 in 2014. After fighting my case for close to 2 years, we decided to go to trial. Trial lasted 7 days and at the end, the Jury could not come to a group decision on guilty or innocence...ended in a hung jury.  DA decided to dismiss both counts of DUI and now  I can finally move on with my life and not have that massive stress on my shoulders. Josh was always confident and knowledgeable throughout the trial. He did such a great job picking the best jury for my case. I am grateful beyond words for his hard work and expertise, this is truly a man you want on your side when facing any kind of DUI charges. Look no further, Josh will help you when you need it! Thank you so much Sir!"

06/14/2016          J.E.

"From a wife's perspective:
We had a blown out tire and while waiting for the tow truck, my husband and I had some drinks.  We didn't know that the blown tire had slightly injured another vehicle (literally, a scratch).  When the tow truck had finally arrived, the owner of the other vehicle approached us and accused us of drinking and driving (almost 2 hours after the incident).  Per protocol, police came out and wrongfully arrested my husband of DUI.  
I went on Yelp to find the best DUI attorney...and we found Joshua.  I've always been cautious about attorneys taking your money and not giving as much attention as they should.  However, Joshua was absolutely amazing.  When you think of someone literally crawling into the pits with you, you'd think it'd only be your best friends.  Joshua not only crawled through mud and pits with us, but brought his A game for every trial, and meeting necessary.  He made us feel like we were his only client.  Going to trial is scary.  Joshua prepared us and spent hours making sure that me (more so) and my husband were ok.  My husband and I initially were worried about the cost, but when we saw how much time, dedication and effort Joshua gave...we felt guilty about not giving him enough.  I'm not a friend of Joshua, but absolutely his biggest fan.  If you want someone to support you, I promise Joshua will give everything he has, as though it's his own horrible story.  He's real.  He knows his stuff and if he didn't think your case was worth it, he'd tell you.  
He was the best thing we ever found.  You can call me if you are uncertain 4087815876."

06/19/2016          S.B.


My first DUI arrest.
.15 BAC
I was in an "accident" in my neighborhood on a 50cc bike. No damage occurred to either vehicle or persons. Left scene immediately. Arrested 45-60 minutes later for DUI.

Josh was very welcoming and energetic about representing me. He is EXTREMELY personable and was willing to go to bat for me in court. With his experience in many cases I felt VERY CONFIDENT in he ability to represent my argument in court!

After collecting all relevant evidence, we spoke about possibilities and what he could do to represent me. With this, I was able to walk away with my DUI DISMISSED!!!  He won my DMV hearing with a great argument,  letting me keep my license, and just a couple weeks later settled my case out of court with nothing more than a DRY and reckless!

Mr. Price was awesome!

05/2/2016          D.G.

"I had a good feeling the moment I called the Defending Rights Law Center office, considering Mr. Price opened an appointment slot for me literally about 30 MINUTES before I showed up. Upon meeting, Mr. Price immediately makes you feel COMFORTABLE. Which is absolutely crucial given the circumstances you are in. I met with five different attorneys in one day, but there was no doubt Mr. Price was the best candidate.

I was charged with DUI with a BAC of .22 WITH ACCIDENT-- ridiculous, I know!! Through the process, Mr. Price was just spectacular. He was easy to get a hold of, maintained constant communication, knew what he was doing, and adjusted to my schedule as needed. He fought for me in court and truly got me a better deal than I could've ever imagined; including a significantly reduced fine, a victory with the DMV hearing, and NO PROBATION. The latter being HUGE for me, considering I am in the middle of applying for residency in the U.S. Being under any sort of probation would result in an automatic disqualification of my green card application. Therefore, I say with confidence that Mr. Price saved and secured my future in this country. For that, I will be forever grateful.
To Mr. Price and everyone at the DRLC, THANK YOU!!! You were all professional, caring, compassionate, and overall amazing throughout the last five months."

04/14/2016          D.V.

"One of the best decisions I have ever made was switching my DUI Lawyer to Joshua Price. The first lawyer that I spoke to went through my situation very quickly, told me he could do well for me, and shooed me out the door. After that experience I felt as though I needed to go in a different direction. I placed a call to Joshua Price, he immediately responded and took the time to go through every detail of what happened, explained to me my options, and overall made me feel much more at ease (very impressive since I was such a nervous wreck). From that point I knew I had to make the switch, and that was only the beginning. Josh kept me abreast of every update in my case, and was extremely easy to reach throughout the entire process. We ended up going to trial and he was amazing. He came across very well to the judge and jury, provided me with excellent advice throughout the trial (and whole DUI process), and recommended a great expert witness. We ended up getting one of the counts against me dismissed, and a minimum sentencing; a very good outcome for going to trial for a DUI with a BAC of .15.

Anyone looking at lawyers for DUI, I sympathize with the anxiety you are going through. Of course if any of us could go back and have a re-do we would, and the best choice is not to drink and drive at all. But if you are in a tough spot and really need the best lawyer in San Diego, Joshua Price is without a doubt the lawyer that you need to call."

04/21/2016          M.B.

"Let me just start by saying that my verdict came back as "NOT GUILTY ON .08% OR MORE BAC" and "guilty for driving under the influence", but I couldn't be a bigger fan of Joshua Price. We originally found him online; yelp to be exact. We met with Joshua, and after getting a good vibe off the initial meeting, decided to move forward and hire Mr. Price as our attorney. I was facing a 2nd DUI in 10 years with a BAC of .20. Like I mentioned earlier, I ended up being found guilty of DUI, but Mr. Price put more time and effort into our case then we could ever have asked for. He treated us like we were his only client and continued to know everything about our case throughout the 8 month process, even though we know he had many other clients. He always maintained a realistic attitude and thought of all possible outcomes. He spent as much time as necessary with us to ensure we felt prepared for court and the entire process we faced ahead after I was charged with a DUI. Regardless as to the outcome, after a controversial change of verdict from hung to guilty on count one (driving under the influence) and a not guilty on count two (being over a .08 BAC), we would not be in the same blessed position we are now in if not for Mr. Price. The Jury trial lasted one week and he was masterful in front of the Court and the Jury to say the least.  The way he interacted with the Jury and examined the witnesses certainly left no stone unturned and he knew my case inside and out.  He is a great trial attorney and I truly believe NO ONE could have done a better job on my case than him.  I would like to personally endorse Mr. Price and give him the highest rating available. Please look no further if you are facing any alcohol related charges."

03/27/2016          J.B.

"My son was accused of a DUI drugs and marijuana and xanax he was involved in a collision and Joshua price was able to help keep his license and work out a non drug offense with no license consequences and have the DUI charge completely dismissed Josh price was always available during case easy to get ahold of any time .Josh was willing to fight for my son he knew what he was doing I would recommend him to everyone he will fight hard for you thank you Josh you're awesome."

02/21/2016          Linda

"Joshua Price is an outstanding and dedicated lawyer in which I strongly recommend.   I was accused of a Felony 2nd offense DUI and facing up to 3 years in prison.  Josh fought for me every second of the way from day one, in the most true and honest fashion.   In the end he was able to get my charges reduced to a misdemeanor with a short stint of house arrest. His demeanor in and outside the courtroom was above expectations and professionalism.  He knew every detail of the case and of the law. You felt his passion to fight for you and your rights.   Again, I strongly recommend."

02/16/2016          B.E.

"I have nothing but great things to say about attorney Josh Price. For starters my DUI situation wasn't as simple and common as most. I had a wet and reckless two years ago in Las Vegas so even though it wasn't officially charged as a 1st offense DUI the San Diego courts really tried hammering me. Josh was really compassionate from the start I think a lot of people in these situations become their own worst enemies. Josh was great in putting everything into perspective.

He put my mind at ease and I was able to get back to work without stressing out. He was diligent with all follow up phone calls, text messages, and emails. He definitely makes you feel like a priority and not some second rate human being who broke the law. So my DUI cases were painful I got arrested in June at a check point in San Diego then three weeks later I got pulled over again for speeding while under the influence. I know all of you are probably thinking this guy is an idiot but whatever it is what it is. I should be in jail for 18 months right now. But instead I have my life back with minimal cost, a restricted drivers license, and only 3 days of community service which I completed right away. When I got pulled over the second time I called Josh early the next morning freaked out and he just told me to calm down and to put it in his words he said, "I've dealt with many of these cases before and I've helped clients with even worst situations than this." Automatically I had confidence that I had one of the best attorneys in San Diego.

He called me into his office and we put together a game plan. He was able to push both court dates back until they landed on the same date. He then had a colleague show up on my behalf simultaneously at one court house while he was at the other. They essentially pleaded guilty to two first offense DUI's on my behalf. So on my driving record and criminal record it just show's that I'm a first offender. Absolute brilliance I just feel bad for people who have lawyers that don't work hard for them. It's really sad, I've heard some stories at my OHS class that they paid their attorney X amount of money and he never answered the phone when I called or they've said they have to do 30 days of community service and they have to wear the SCRAM ankle bracelet. Horror story after horror story people regretting the fact that they spent thousands of dollars on their lawyers. I can assure you that every cent I spent was well worth it and Josh truly earned it. A couple of months have gone by since then and I got a letter from the courts saying there was a warrant out for my arrest. I was freaking out and thinking to myself holy shit I've been doing everything I've been told and keeping my nose clean somebody seriously has it out for me. So I called Josh and he answered his phone right away, I told him what the letter said and he said I will drive up to the Vista court house tomorrow morning and look into it.

It turns out the OHS class had a mix up with my paperwork so the court was wrongly informed about my current enrollment. Another stressor to worry about and keep in mind when you're going through this process. Your fate is in the hands of "Mary and Johnny" filing paperwork so keep up and make sure all your chips are in line until it is all over. Needless to say Josh was available at the drop of a dime and he's definitely going to be by your side to the very end of your case. To all of you first timers and repeat offenders good luck and I highly recommend Josh for any DUI situation!"

1-25-2016          E.R.

From the first time we spoke I could tell that he was competent, compassionate, and available. I had such a good feeling about him, I retained him right away. Again the best move I made all year.

He is THE best. If you're reading this, you know what a nerve racking experience it is to face a charge like this. I was extremely worried and the minute I retained him he reminded me that the case was his job, living my life was mine. He listened to me, fought for me, and right away I was confident enough in him to follow his every suggestion and advisement. I am so grateful I did.

I called Mr. Price many times. Most times he answered right away and if by chance he didn't, he returned my call almost immediately. His advice was solid and I knew I was in good hands, right from the start. He appeared in court for me; I never had to go back to San Diego. Not once.

This guy performed what I view a miracle- I was facing second offense DUI with injury, a charge that could have easily been converted to a felony. Because of Mr. Price's expertise, it didn't. I DID NOT spend one night in jail, was charged with a misdemeanor, and because of Mr. Price, what could have been the worst year of my life turned into a learning experience. Lesson #1- Don't drink and drive. Lesson #2- If I'm ever in this position again, I know exactly who to call= Joshua Price."

Chase          12/31/2015


Worth every penny I spent on his services. Delivered on everything he promised and more.  He did whatever it took for the best outcome in my case.

Not everyone may need a lawyer in a DUI case, but whether you need a lawyer or want one, Joshua Price should be your choice.  He gave me good advice, was always available when I called, led me through the process and saved me money.  

According to the breathalyzer my BAC was 0.12.  He got me a plea deal of a wet reckless(unbelievable), which meant a $1000 less in fine and no additional court ordered license suspension.  

If you need a lawyer, Josh will get you the best outcome.  If you want a lawyer, he can help you.  I never had to appear in court and never had to take time off work.  Josh did it all, the DMV hearing and all court appearances. Without hesitation I would recommend Joshua as a great attorney.  He will fight for you and comfort you through a very difficult time.  

I read his reviews online before I chose him and couldn't be happier with my choice."

R.N.          12/27/2015

“Joshua is a great guy to have on your side. Very experienced and down to earth. He has a realistic and straight forward approach. He will fight for you every step of the way as he did for me. My charges were reduced and won the DMV hearing resulting in no license suspension. He was easy to get a hold of and was always available to answer any question I had. Highly recommended!!!”

B.L.     10/2/2015

“I've never needed to hire an attorney before, but I have to say that I lucked out with my first experience by hiring Joshua Price. I had to fight a DUI back in May (2015) and was terrified about the whole ordeal, but Joshua was there to guide me every step of the way.  Just shy of 5 months after the event, and thanks to Josh, the DUI charges were dismissed and significantly reduced to a wet and reckless. The best part about it is that I never set foot in a courthouse and I was able to continue on with my daily life! He was always available during the case as he would answer my questions either in person, by phone, or by email. He presented himself in the most professional manner during the entire process, but what's more important is that he really knows his law. He kept fighting for my rights on every court appearance, and kept me well informed the whole time and that put my mind at ease. I definitely could not have done this without Josh, or at least not with these great results.”

C.L.          9/19/2015

“I got a DUI, had a .27 BAC where I was looking at a lot of punishment, nine month alcohol class and a 10 month license suspension …Joshua fought for me every step of the way, and was able to work out a deal for significantly less punishment and only a 3 month alcohol class...He was always available during the case...immediate interaction with me thru a call or email, very thorough and knew what he was doing. His fee was no higher that any other lawyer and I am so glad I made that call.”

J.G.          8/2/2015

“I drove into a checkpoint and was arrested for a DUI. I blew a .15 BAC and knew there was no way I could fight this. I looked up attorneys and after several days, I opted for Joshua seeing as he has so many positive reviews and scheduled a free consultation with him. From that first consultation, I knew he is excellent at what he does and will fight for you to get the best possible outcome.

First and foremost he made it clear that he does not guarantee a victory, which should be of no surprise to anyone. I was being charged basically with two counts of DUI, not just one. I retained his services in hopes of obtaining at least just one count of DUI in order to mitigate the consequences of my penalty. During this whole process, Joshua was available to me during the whole case, via phone, email, in person, he was always there for me to answer any questions and keep me updated on the case. He simply took care of everything, the hearing, the court appearances, literally everything so that the client does not have to worry about anything besides the verdict.

In the end, Joshua was able to fight and negotiate to a wet reckless. To be honest, when I read the outcome I could not believe it after what we had talked about during our last sit down. I called him to explain and go into detail of the verdict. Sure enough, he was able to work out a deal and lessen it to where I no longer had a felony and saved thousands of dollars. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Joshua and his services, if you ever need someone to fight for you and represent you, look no further, this is guy you need. He will do anything in his power to help out and make sure you get the best available outcome of your case.”

F.R.          7/20/2015

"In April I was arrested DUI with .17 BAC. A friend recommended Josh and I am very happy I hired him. I was freaking out especially because of previous experiences with lawyers that I believe did not defended me well. Josh has a great work ethic, I can say that by dealing with him he really cared about his job and about my case and that made me feel relaxed. He was very diligent especially when it comes to details. I was anxious to get results but he caution me to wait till we had all the possible facts together. During the ordeal I called Josh many times with different questions and he was always there to assist me in every way. After 3 month of my arrest Josh got the DA to not press charges. After that we had the DMV hearing and we won. I walked away clean. Getting a DUI is not fun and Josh really did an amazing job to help me go through the all thing. Getting the right lawyer can make a difference. Thank you Josh"

R.P.          6/26/2015

"I was facing my second DUI after the cop stopped me for speeding and he smelled marijuana, but Josh Price got the case dismissed and saved me a lot of heart ache.  I highly recommend Josh Price for the outstanding work he does for his client's."

Ruben        4/28/2015


After six months of carrying around the heavy weight of anticipation, this morning I woke up with a sigh of relief. Six months ago I was pulled over for my 3rd DUI, in 10 years, and I was facing a world of ‘pain’. On this offence I was looking at a minimum of 120 days in Jail, 3 years license revocation, 18 month alcohol class, among much more. I hired Josh Price within a week of my incident and he went to work right away. He was very approachable, professional, and friendly. He was honest and explained that a ‘not guilty’ wasn’t guarantied, but that he would be doing his best to get the best outcome he could. Throughout the whole ordeal Josh was very easy to get a hold of and replied back to E-mail and text in a timely manner. While dealing with the DMV, Josh was able to keep my license from being suspended for 5 months, which is a lot longer than the 30 days you get to keep it after being arrested. Josh did his best to work with the DA to get me that best offer he could but we were unable to accept one; therefore, we took our case to trial. By Josh’s presentation in trial, you could tell that he had put a lot of time and devotion into my case. Trial lasted for about a week; once the jury was in deliberation it only took them an hour and a half to come to a “not guilty” verdict. The whole thing was one of the hardest things I had to go though; however, it has given me hope in our judicial system, lawyers, and our fellow man. I’d highly recommend Josh Price’s service to anyone; although, I hope you don’t need it.”

D.B.          3/24/2015

“I contacted Joshua Price when I was charged with a second offense DUI which I truly felt I was wrongfully accused of. Throughout the initial processes every one at his office was extremely helpful in helping me start defending my case.

I'm so glad I found Mr. Price. Josh was prepared in every way to help me get the best possible result from my case. My case was particularly difficult. It being a second offense DUI and still within the probation period from my previous charge. So Josh went to battle for me on an almost weekly basis and attained one victory after another. He prepared my case with several professional witnesses as well as the witnesses I provided. The outcome wasn't looking so hopeful but what I will say next will blow you away.

When we were about three days away from trial, Josh had also been preparing a plea bargain with the District Attorney. We got a phone call the Friday before our trial was to begin on the following Monday and Josh called me with some great news.

Essentially, Josh was able to reduce my second offense DUI to a Wet and Reckless and my Probation Violation to a 90 day alcohol monitoring. Now to some who don't know how devastating a second offense DUI is, this sounds like I still got in some trouble, which I did.  But considering what I would have been facing if I had not contacted Attorney Joshua Price, I am extremely happy with my results.

2nd Offense DUI usually equals:

-2 year suspension of driver's license

-18 month DUI program

-minimum 96 hours in County Jail

-Thousands of dollars in fines.

-plenty more other BS

My 2nd Offense with Josh Price

-1 year drivers license suspension

-3 month DUI program

-no jail time

-significantly less in fines

-90 days alcohol monitoring(sobriety)

Overall, I would have had my life and finances destroyed for about 2 years with my charges. But because of Joshua Price, all of this will be over in 3 months and I can move on with my life.

I would recommend Attorney Joshua Price to ANYONE that runs into any kind of legal or criminal trouble. The system is built against us, and this warrior knows how to defend us from it.”

A.D.          3/20/2015

“I was arrested for a DUI and DUI Refusal. I was looking at a one year license suspension off the bat and Mr. Price ended up getting both dismissed after a few months. I never had to step foot into a courtroom and was in constant communication the whole time. His price was very reasonable. Everything was handled very professionally. It was the best outcome of a very bad situation and am glad I knew his number.  Definitely going to refer anyone in trouble to Mr. Price.”

Nik M.          3/11/2015

“Josh saved my life!! Got a DUI for sleeping in my car and he got it knocked down to a Wet and Reckless. He got my arresting officer to perjure himself!! This guy is good. I saved a lot of money and he kept me informed the entire time. If you get a DUI there's no reason to call anyone but this miracle worker. Very reasonably priced.  He really cares and gets results.”

Matt F.          3/3/2015

“This guy saved me. I was arrested with a DUI charge pending. My BAC was .10. Joshua got the DUI charge reduced to a Dry and Reckless with a BAC of .07. I wound up with a misdemeanor and not a felony. I would highly recommend Joshua to anyone and everyone I know. He's a good guy and honestly cares about you. He's straight up and doesn't play games. Give him a chance.”

E.G.          3/2/2015

“When I first spoke to Joshua Price, I immediately knew he was the right attorney. He was not only very knowledgeable about DUI law, he was also a caring person with just the right amount of fire to fight my case. As things progressed, he always got back to me via email or phone within a few hours and he honestly informed me of all of the possible outcomes along the way so I did not experience any ‘surprises.’

During my case, I met a lady who works at the downtown courts. I told her that Josh was my attorney and she referred to him as ‘The Professor of DUI Law.’ It turned out to be true. I was facing driving under the influence with a .093 breathalyzer reading and a .08 BAC. To add to this, I was facing child endangerment because I had my child in the car (really stupid, I know!!!).

Anyhow, I ended up getting the child endangerment charges dropped (and they involved jail time). I also ended up getting the DUI charged dropped to a .07 Wet & Reckless plea. Throughout the entire four-and-a-half months, I never lost my driver's license because Josh put a stay on my license and DMV did not come after me since we were in the process of challenging the blood.

Later, at the end of my case, I watched Josh talk to the DA in court. I was amazed at how he could communicate and express his points so smoothly. He has a gift for lowering other people's defenses (and that's really important when one of those people is trying to prosecute you!).”

M.O.          2/21/2015

“Let me start by saying my first dui was unnerving to say the least. I felt like my life was over. That is until I was told to call Joshua Price. Since my B.A.C. was so high I was looking at hefty fines, months of classes and road work. The first thing Joshua did was calm me down which helped me a lot. Joshua handled everything from the DMV hearing to the court proceedings. Not once did I have to attend court or any hearing. Joshua got my B.A.C. lowered to where I only did 3 months of class and paid a lower fine and NO ROAD WORK! Joshua was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had. To top it off he actually handled some important court issue free of charge for me. Thank you Joshua Price...  you saved my driving life and my personal life.”

R.H.          1/15/2015

“I retained Josh as my attorney after getting into a car accident with a BAC of .10.  I was extremely worried and scared how this would affect my personal and professional life.  Josh was able to get my entire case dismissed after filing motions in court.  His expertise was apparent as the Judge granted his motion to dismiss my entire DUI case!  Josh displayed unmatched professionalism and made a very trying (time) in my life much easier.  He was easy to interact with and explained the exact strategy he would use in my defense.  Josh presented my case skillfully with confidence and an incredible understanding of DUI law.  I was able to contact Josh 24/7 and felt a combination of relief and confidence after our first meeting.  He fought hard and won my case.  His services got me out of trouble and allowed me to get on with my life unscathed.  Thank you, Josh.”

Steve M.          12-18-2014

“Attorney Price is very personable, easy to talk to, and readily available to speak to.  He is a Master in the courtroom, proving his detailed research in each client's case.  A well prepared presentation / argument is necessary to prove a point and to succeed.  My most important comment was that I felt that Attorney Price took a personal concern for my circumstances and had my entire DUI case dismissed.  Where else would you see an Attorney that goes the extra mile? High Recommendations!”

E.H.          12-7-2014

“He in detail explained how he would fight my case! He walked me through the process and was able to drop my DUI into a Wet Reckless. He is the Best! Thank you again Mr. Price for helping me during this difficult time in my life.”

Brian G.          11-13-2014

“This lawyer was able to reduce my case.  I did not get a DUI and only had to pay a fine and complete classes.  I did not lose my license.  He took care of all the paperwork and I did not have to show up in court.  I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer.”

Svetlana          11-11-2014

“I cannot give enough praise and thanks to Josh's skills. I was stopped at a traffic light when a police officer pulled me over for a warrantless stop. At the time of being pulled over my BAC was .15, which resulted in arrest for a DUI, and a potential suspension of my license. I called Josh who gave me upmost confidence that my case can win an appeal. The first day I met Josh I had full confidence in his skills to appeal the original charge against me on the grounds that police intervention was unwarranted and that my rights under the 4th amendment were violated. Josh showed unparalleled professionalism, attention, and reliability. He was readily available to answer my questions and keep me updated throughout this process. Josh fought hard for me and my case was dismissed and charges were dropped. I would recommend Josh's legal expertise and experience to represent anyone in need of a DUI lawyer.”

Tony M.          11-9-2014

“His service was great!!  Attorney Joshua Price handled my case and was able to bring my DUI with a high BAC (.15) down to a wet and reckless.  Attorney Price went out of his way to ensure the issue was dissolved in a timely manner.  Instead of a typical 4-9 month process, I was able to accept a plea bargain in just three months of my arrest.  He was very thorough and kept me updated along the way.  I would definitely recommend this law firm! Attorney Price is the best!”

A.M.          10/22/2014

"Josh Price was the best attorney who saved my life from a case that the District Attorney thought was a hands down slam dunk DUI.  Even the Judge couldn't believe we were taking this case to trial. He did all of the research needed to identify my driving schedule that matched my big journey from Northern California to Southern California where I ended up lost and in a visitor spot the CHP regularly checked but when I showed up there thinking I would be safe for the night I downed a bottle of Vodka and got arrested with a .278 blood alcohol level. The Arrest wasn't warranted nor was the charge. After a week long Jury Trial, the Jury found me NOT GUILTY!  If it wasn't for Josh Price I would be in jail for 6 months leaving my 21 year job, my kids and family behind."

Stacie J.          10/21/2014

“I hope my review helps anyone in need for an attorney ...this ain’t fishy or shady; my case was real and Josh made a hell of a job with it I had a combo DUI and ended up with a traffic violation.  No DUI record or charge was made, didn’t lose my license and just had to pay a small fine.  The best part he represents you with out being there present!  If you want the best I would recommend Josh.  I was shocked on how my case was settled in a few months!  Don't think twice, just call and ask…I did and ended up not regretting it ...hope it helps and thanks Josh! God Bless from Diego”

Diego          9/15/14

“As a working professional, I can honestly say that this has been one of the longest and most stressful years of my life. A simple late night food run after a few drinks turned into the biggest nightmare. I lost my corporate sales job of 6 years, my drivers license, and almost lost my significant other.

Details spared and in a nutshell, I was facing a 2nd offense DUI (prior conviction 8.5yrs ago in another state), automatic 1yr license suspension due to a refusal, and another automatic 1yr license suspension for the 2nd offense. NOT GOOD!! After a few referrals from friends, I was linked to Joshua Price. He was excellent & credible to work with, very responsive, & always available.

He was able to reduce my terms and obtain a 1st Offense DUI offer for me pleading guilty, or, I could choose to appeal and fight it all the way. During 2 months of consideration, I made another mistake. I chose to drive to work and was pulled over and charged for driving on a suspended license. At this point, I lost all chances of fighting my case. However, Josh was able to sit down with the prosecuting attorney and get my new charge dropped if I plead guilty to the DUI. In which case I did. He also wrote a formal letter of appeal to the DMV requesting they strike my prior DUI for specific reasons.

Fortunately, I was able to start moving on with a cleaner record. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the 18 month Alcohol program with a suspended license. After 6 months of the conviction and 4 months into my alcohol program, Josh received a fax from the DMV approving his letter of appeal. It was miraculous! The DMV remodified my driving record to a first offender and I was no longer required to complete the 18 month program, but rather, complete the 90 day program! At this point, I was already done! It was unreal but justice was served. I handled my final court and DMV paper work and received my license within a week. I couldn't believe it! Thank you Josh for all your efforts and hard work. Justice was served and it paid off!!”

B.H.          9/8/2014

“I am a previous client of Josh Price.  I had a BAC of .16/.17.  With a BAC that high, it is almost a given that you lose your license, do DUI classes, community service, miss lots of work and pay large fines. Josh and I chose to proceed to court since a DUI would affect my career.  I didn't know what to expect from an attorney especially a DUI attorney.  The trial lasted a week and was a very trying process for me.  Josh was very supportive and always fighting for my best interest during the entire process.  He was always well prepared for trial and knowledgeable of the law and how it pertained to my case. I guess the thing that surprised me the most was how easliy we interacted and his availability to work around my schedule for appointments.

It was a scary experience and he made it as easy as possible for me.  We ended up with a hung jury. The DA wanted to retry my case for a second time, but Josh got my case pleaded down to a non DUI offense to avoid another stressful trial.  (This was at my request; avoiding a second trial.)  Josh was already preparing for a second trial before I made my decision to make a plea deal. Since I ended up pleading out my case in the end, I had a small fine and a couple classes to attend.  He was able to get the other repercussions dismissed.  

I truly believe Josh is a very caring, knowledgeable attorney with a willingness to fight for you.  I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family.  Hopefully, for their sakes I will not have to give that recommendation.  If you are in need of an experienced DUI, I highly recommend Josh Price.”

A.H.          9/2/2014

“I hired Josh to help fight my 2nd DUI arrest.  I had a .14 BAC, excessive speed, and a refusal.  Josh was able to get this reduced to a 1st offense, no jail time, speeding dropped, and no ignition lock.  Josh was very professional and always available.  I was very pleased and surprised with his results on my case.  Highly recommend Mr. Price to anyone facing DUI charges.”

A.M.          8/22/2014

“Josh's diligence and dedication to his job just goes to show how much time and effort he put into my case. I am in the military and had a pending DUI charge that was lingering over my head. This was obviously not a great position to be sandwiched in between. Josh helped me make this transition go smoothly between both sides of the house from beginning to end. My DUI charge was dropped down to a terminal wet, with no addition of probation and alcohol classes. Josh was even able to get my fine dropped considerably. He has helped my career immensely for advancing in the military. I recommend Josh's expertise to anyone seeking them with the highest regard.”

John A.          8/18/2014

“When I was arrested last December (2013) for a DUI I was not only devastated but completely lost. I had no idea of the steps to take or even where to begin. A friend of mine had hired Josh to defend his case against a DUI and the charges against him were dropped. I figured this was the best place for me to start. I met with Josh and instantly felt confident in his ability to defend my case and end up with the best possible outcome. I chose to not consult with any other attorneys and retain Josh to represent me and my case. Josh was full of information and broke down step by step what I should expect and what motions were most important for me to begin with. He took care of all paperwork and filings from there.

I had a .19 blood test and Josh was able to have my entire case dismissed after filing a motion to suppress evidence based on a violation of my 4th Amendment right to be free from unlawful stops by police. The judge agreed and suppressed all of the evidence against me and the prosecution dismissed the entire case!! What a relief!! Josh also did everything in his power for me to keep my license. Above and beyond. He was never willing to settle and he pushed me to do the same. I could not be happier.

Josh was friendly, personable, relatable, easy to get ahold of and most importantly really knew what he was doing.

I had the opportunity to attend court with Josh and was so impressed with his presentation to the Judge. His testimony far surpassed that of the prosecution and it is no wonder my case had the outcome that it did.

I am a critical person and do not have a single complaint about Josh Price.

Heaven forbid if a friend or family member ever need Josh's services I would do my best to convince them to not even consider choosing anyone EXCEPT Josh.”

Michelle M.    8/15/2014

“Josh made a huge effort in my case and was always available to speak to and ask questions. I was impressed with his willingness to explain the small steps and help me clear up everything efficiently.  A dui is very embarrassing and not something I'm proud of. I was at 0.24 and Josh had my case reduced immensely.  I had to do a 3 month alcohol class, some community service, minimum fine and NO ignition lock device in my car. My license was not taken and I was allowed to drive to and from work etc. Everyone who hears about my case is shocked and jealous.  It was the best choice that I had Josh on my side who understands the laws very well and prevented the prosecutors from abusing and inflating  the laws and penalties. I think only a top professional can accomplish this.  I couldn't have done it myself. He helped me through the DMV and all the hoops I had to jump through beginning to end. He saved me time, energy and stress.  I did not have to go to court or be present for any portion. Getting a DUI is not easy or cheap and after all I had to do my part and work to clear my name. I am grateful for and could see all the effort Josh put out for me.”

E.M.                   8/15/14

“Joshua Price is a wonderful DUI lawyer. It was my first DUI and I had a BAC of .13. Joshua was able to drop the charge to a wet reckless, which is practically unheard of in my type of situation. Joshua is very caring and very diligent in my case. He helped me through a difficult and embarrassing moment in my life. I am very grateful for him and all that he has done for me to overcome this obstacle in my life. I can say with 100% certainty that He will do the best that he can for you too. I recommend him for everyone that needs help with a DUI charge.

Thank You Joshua!”

A.E.                             7/14/2014

“A year ago this weekend I was arrested for a DUI in Pacific Beach. Scared, frustrated, lost, depressed and had no idea what to do. I researched online for a good dependable lawyer and found Joshua Price. I called him and set up a meeting ASAP. Not only was he very understanding, he kept me calm and said everything will be ok. It took me this long to write a review because I was still upset about getting a DUI.  July 4th weekend at a Pacific beach checkpoint, I blew a .14.  With the help of Josh and him fighting for my case, I settled for a wet reckless. I was happy that I had no extra jail time, no community service and settled my BAC at .09 %.  I would definitely recommend Josh.

Thank you Josh for everything.”

Thuy N.                     7/7/14

"Attorney Joshua Price is great. Thanks to his dedication, knowledge and years of experience; I'm now able to continue on with my life.  He helped me get through one of the most difficult times in my life. Mr. Price represented me at trial where I had three charges against me. I won my case on all three and was acquitted of all charges. I don't know where I would be today if it were not for Joshua Price. He was committed to getting me the best outcome possible. A fantastic lawyer that made me feel at ease. Thank You!!!"

Cody C                            4/29/14
“Just want to start out by saying I havent written a review yet solely because I don’t like people knowing I almost got a DUI.  I seriously went through all the motions and emotions that anyone on here looking at DUI attorney reviews is going through now.  I did my research online and also took a few face-to-face lawyer interviews.  If you do these things your on the right track.

I’m not on here to flaunt that my DUI got completely dismissed by Josh Price.  BUT IT DID!  I know this might not be the case for everyone but I even had a very terrible CHP officer and also was almost forced to plead guilty if I didnt have Josh on my side, because my report was so inaccurate.

I personally got my DUI dismissed in its entirety.  All the back up research I did for SR-22 and bus routes and everything I was able to completely let off my shoulders because of Josh.

The reason I chose Josh was because he actually seemed caring.  The other big shots out there, sure seemed good but not personable.  Josh called me even after I told a different lawyer (one I was gonna fork up a lot more money for) to start my DMV hearing, but because Josh called me and was so caring about my actual well being.  I cancelled with the old FIRM and let Josh completely take over.  I seriously went about my days like nothing ever happened, and after the important dates I would get a personal phone call from his personal cell phone and face the facts.

In my case getting a complete dismissal last November, 2013, was a dream come true-saved my career in fact because I would have had to tell my Boss. When you have a top DUI lawyer in San Diego who knows certain judges, who walked through my statement with me FOR FREE in the interview, I almost thought I could take the myself after the interview, hiring Josh was the best thing to do!

My situation was I was borderline at the limit after a blood-drawing (that took 1-2 hours to even stick a needle in me after I was arrested... so i was probably a .09 while I thought I was okay.

Josh knows what Officers can and can’t do and I felt that I was mistreated for my arrest and he is beyond professional.  

I know Josh doesn’t necessarily like this out there but it was a reason for me to first consider him.  He was above many other reviews that worked out a payment plan with me.  Only reason I tell you this is because I think anyone should have a very professional lawyer, that gets DUI’s dismissed, backing you up even if you’re a normal guy like me.

Please choose Josh Price when considering a DUI lawyer because he does EVERYTHING himself, no little people under him to do his hearing for him or no phone hearings.  All in person and he’s your best hope.

Thanks again,
I will always be grateful.”

Colin                            3/22/2014

“I retained Mr. Joshua Price to represent me in a DUI case. I faced the potential of losing my career over the charges made against me.

I found the legal process long (about 8 months) and it was frustrating at times. Initially the DMV suspended my driver's license after four hearings. Usually it is just a one-time hour long hearing. Mr. Price was not satisfied with with the DMV ruling and filed an emergency writ and had my suspension stayed by order of the Judge which kept me driving.

We went to court and the DA then trumped up the charges and added frivolous charges. Mr. Price was prepared and brought his experience and resources in to play. Josh put a lot of time into my case and I believe it was more time then what I was billed for. In the trial the DA eventually moved to dismiss all counts after we got going. The Judge dismissed all charges however it did nothing as far as the one year DMV license suspension I was facing.

Mr. Price then filed motions after my case was dismissed by the Judge, which ultimately reversed the DMV license suspension.

I was very satisfied with the way Mr. Price conducted himself throughout the process. He is professional, thorough and experienced. He knows the law and is compassionate. I would highly recommend Mr. Price especially if your career is on the line.”

Tom                            3/21/2014
“I hired Josh Price to represent me not on my first DUI but on my second whereI was over twice the legal limit ... we had a few meetings went over the case went to court and declared myself not guilty.  The DA was pressing hard as well as 2 police officers that were there testifying against me. Mr. Price was able to win the motion to suppress evidence and a lot of it had to be left out. I always felt he was on top of everything and kept me informed all time.  I was facing jail time for being a second offender and high fines along with the 18-month program. With all his good work and being sharp on what was going on the day of my court case he was able to get it dismissed... I didn't get charged for nothing. That's right nothing. I know all cases are not the same but I would use him if I’m ever in any trouble related to drinking and driving , even though I don't drink and drive since then. I would recommend him to anybody in need of legal assistance. For me it was worth every penny.”

Chris T.
San Diego CA.                           3/18/2014

“I got my DUI the weekend I moved to San Diego. Welcome! Naturally, I freaked out not knowing what to do next and I was referred to Joshua by my roommate's coworker that swore by his work and dedication to his clients. I gave him a call and briefly talked about what had happened in my case and we set up a meeting to go over everything (details of case, next steps, his fees). I had no idea what all went in to dealing with a DUI and Joshua really walked through each and every step of the process (DMV, Court, DUI classes, etc). Not only did he do that, but he helped me out by setting up a payment plan for his fees. It was crucial for me, workwise, that I did not lose my license.

The more important aspect of my case was my BAC level and how/why I got pulled over. I blew a .22 and in San Diego, normally that means 9 month DUI program, longer restricted license, bigger fee. But, Joshua also did extensive research pertaining to why/how I was pulled over. Then when he went to court for me to petition for a lower BAC (.19) the city attorney came back with some bogus deal stating that if I wanted a lower BAC I would have to install an interlock device system in my car for a year. Joshua was shocked at this deal because I am a first time offender and that is not standard sentencing. So he felt that this was worth fighting for so I trusted him to fight for me. He went to court again and got my BAC lowered, 3 month program for DUI classes, city service work converted to 72 volunteer work, and standard court fine.

Overall I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Joshua's help, guidance, and dedication to fight for my case and situation. He was honest with me when need be and patient to walk me through the ins and outs of each detail pertaining to the whole craziness of getting a DUI. I would highly recommend his services to anyone, especially first timers that have no clue what to do afterwards. Awesome guy, and hell of a hard worker!”

A.H.                           3/15/2014

“As a registered nurse I needed an attorney that cared about me and saving my career. My .09% DUI charge was reduced to a dry and reckless and not guilty on .08% or more BAC.  Josh was amazing and went above and beyond to fight for me.”

Becky                           3/15/2014

“Joshua Price had my DUI case dismissed and in fact my DUI charges were dismissed.  I got a non-DUI offense despite a traffic accident and .12 BAC. He is not a bad defense lawyer! I can stand by the fact that Joshua Price is a reliable and legitimate attorney that holds 100% integrity and loyalty along with commitment defending  his clients with 1000% confidentiality!”

M.G.                            3/14/2014

“Attorney Joshua Price is a great lawyer. He is very professional and honest, and he works very hard in his cases in order to get the best result. In addition, he helped me to get through a difficult time and my case ended with great results! I had a .19 BAC test, which was suppressed in Court and that enabled me to get a non-DUI offer. This result was only possible with Mr. Price's excellent legal help. I definitely would recommend Attorney Price's legal services to anyone in need of a great attorney.”

E.G.                            3/14/2014

"They say everything happens for a reason and that people enter and exit our lives with a purpose and for a reason. When I was looking on line for a lawyer to represent my son I read many reviews and testimonials. Joshua Price was introduced to me through The Superior Law Center. He worked exhaustibly to do the best job possible. We did not see the odds in our favor as my son had three counts against him: DUI, Hit and Run and Threatening an Officer. Josh treated my son as if he were his only client, as I know he must treat each client he represents. He is both personable and professional and made us both feel very comfortable. I cannot imagine the hours he put in to prepare the case as we waited to go to trial. He did not miss a detail not one point was left unaddressed. Finally, after months of preparation and waiting the case was won and my son was found innocent. Make no mistake Joshua Price is a “Superior Attorney” and I believe we could not have found anyone better to represent my son. Thank you so very much Josh you are awesome."

BB                           3/11/14

"Thankfully, I was referred to Josh through a network of friends. After all, finding a reliable attorney in a big city is stressful enough - let alone a DUI attorney.

I was pulled over just a few blocks from my house while picking up food. Unfortunately, I chose to refuse all field and chemical sobriety tests not fully understanding or comprehending California's automatic 1 year license suspension policy. Or rather, the severity entailed with this. Word to the wise, a "refusal" can be worse in the long run; especially for many employers. With that being said, I was stripped from my corporate sales job of 6 years.

I also had a prior DUI from 8 years ago in another state. This now put me in an even worse position. Dealing with an automatic 1 year license suspension, and another year for the 2nd offense. My life was clearly changed over night, with all the air being sucked out of me. I was scared. After choosing to work with Josh, he maintained a satisfying level of communication, responsiveness, and attentiveness, enabling me to try and reorganize my life and continue moving forward.

During my work with Josh, I had yet ANOTHER unfortunate circumstance take place. Call it a year of bad spells, but I was on my way to a job and was pulled over (for no reason whatsoever). I was now dealing with driving on a suspended license, which could have lead to jail time and 2 points on my driving record. Although fighting my DUI case was now risky, I was dealing with another animal. Thanks to Josh, he was able to consolidate both cases and get my 2nd case (driving on a suspended license) completely dismissed, get my prior DUI stricken, and my refusal stricken with the courts. Although I was still having to deal with the DMV, I was appreciative of what Josh did for me. It could have been a lot harrier. I may still be dealing with some consequence, but Josh was very helpful, very responsive, and very attentive. I highly recommend Josh for any DUI assistance."

B.H.                           1/25/2014

"I am an HM1 in the United States Navy, and thanks to Mr. Joshua Price I still have a job as well as an untarnished career. I never been so close to losing everything I have ever worked for in the military.  I made a poor choice to consume alcohol and drive. I felt completely sober after consuming only a couple of beers and unfortunately it was just enough to have me charged with a DUI. I was pulled over for a minor traffic violation a few minutes after last call at the bar and the police officer stated he smelt alcohol coming from the inside of my vehicle. A sobriety test was conducted and my blood alcohol level was a fraction over the legal limit. After leaving jail I was fortunate enough to find Mr. Price and his team to defend my case. The reason I am writing this testimonial statement is because I am no longer facing dis enrollment from the most prestigious specialty school for my job in the Navy, no longer am I in jeopardy of losing a large reenlistment bonus, and most importantly no longer am I at risk of losing my job in the Navy. I didn't believe my situation would turn out as good as it did, but what made this possible was Mr. Price. If you're in the military and found yourself in a similar situation as mine, then make the right decision and go for someone who will fight for you, and has tons of experience."

Ian M.                           1/16/2014

"Josh was very helpful with my particular case. I came to him with my 2nd DUI within 10 years and we began the process of fighting the questionable stop. While fighting the conviction I received my 3rd. He was able to adjust and did great work for me and always kept in contact with me. Every question I had he was able to readily answer. I was referred to him by 2 other individuals that had received DUI charges that found great success with the help of Josh. He made no promises and was clear with what the possible outcomes could be and left nothing to chance. Highly recommended."

Brian                            12/20/2013

“I just wanted to thank Joshua for all his help! He truly is one of the best! Thanks to Joshua Price I no longer have a DUI and I am able to move along with my life as usual. Considering the city of my arrest I am beyond impressed that he was able to fight my case. I would 100% recommend anyone who has a DUI to go to Joshua Price. Joshua is the best in town and I assure you he is worth every penny.  He is dedicated at what he does and HE KNOWS what he is doing. I am 100% confident that he truly provides the best service possible. Not only is he GREAT at what he does, but he truly gave me his 100% undivided attention when it came to my case and my specific needs. Joshua doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He gives his 100% honesty in regards to each person’s individual case. In my case, Joshua always maintained his honesty in regards to what my options were facing my sentence from the DA. I am beyond pleased with his service and I would recommend him to anyone I know that needed help with a DUI. Thank you so much for your help Joshua! God bless you and have a wonderful holiday!”

M.G.                           12/18/2013

"Life throws you a curveball sometimes and you find yourself weighing some tough decisions that can effect your freedom and your lifestyle.  When this happened to me last year and I had to find help, Joshua was recommended to me from a dear friend.  He handled my case with professionalism by calmly and thoroughly working through my defense options.  I felt Joshua could handle the case whether we went to court or managed to work out a deal beforehand.  Thankfully, he was able to work out a deal and save me some headaches while keeping my life intact.  Many thanks Joshua!"

Matthew                           11/20/2013

"I am overly satisfied with how my case went with Josh. First off he is very professional. everything he said he would do got done, funny how that is not the case these days. I was facing my first offense. He got me off work service, no probation and in the End no Fine. Great job and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Josh!"

Matt                             11/5/2013

"I really appreciate the excellent work you did on my case Josh.  I could never have gotten the same results, if I had represented myself,  that you got for me.  Really quite impressive.  You may use any part of this as an endorsement for your firm Josh, you have earned it.  I feel that you offered a service which was of a very high caliber and that all that you represented to me was factual.  The second I signed the documents I felt a large weight being lifted from my shoulders metaphorically speaking.  He is truly superior!"

Vic D                           10/20/2013

"Although my case was a fairly straight forward DUI case, Josh worked with me and my tough schedule to not only plead it down to a Wet Reckless but one with no fines, classes, or any other penalties. He was great at walking through the process with me and expressed more than once that he was committed to getting me the best outcome possible. A fantastic lawyer that made me feel at ease as I dealt with the repercussions of this charge."

Anonymous                           October 12, 2013

"Attorney Joshua Price is great legal counsel. He helped me to get through a difficult time and my case ended with great results! I definitely would recommend Attorney Price's legal help to anyone in need of a great attorney."

Gene                           October 7, 2013

“I was referred to Mr. Joshua Price through one of my close friends who had used Mr. Price for his own DUI case.  My friend was so impressed with how Mr. Price handled his case that he referred me to him right away.  After I got my DUI and met Josh for the first time, right away I knew he was very knowledgeable in his field.  He was very personable, professional and made me feel very comfortable about my whole situation.  Overall I really feel like Josh had my back and that he was there for me to fight his hardest "tooth and nail " to get the right decision in the case. When I was pulled over, I felt there was something not right with how the sobriety test was conducted by the arresting officer. I shared the details and went over the case with Josh and he got to work right away. I was facing two counts of DUI charges in Court and a license suspension through the DMV.  I was facing Alcohol classes, heavy fines and a minimum six-month license suspension.  After three DMV hearings and two different witnesses, Mr. Price was able to have my license suspension set aside-meaning no loss of license and no SR-22! However with hard work and determination not only did Mr. Price get the DMV to not suspend my license, but he got both DUI charges dismissed! That meant no classes, no fees or fines…I ended up with only two points on my driving record and that is it.  I don’t know about you but I will take a slap on the wrist like that all day.  If there is anyone out there right now currently facing DUI trouble and thinks that hiring a lawyer is just too much money or has a friend that hired a lawyer and their situation wasn’t successful, PUT ALL OF THAT aside. If you are having DUI troubles and need to be educated and feel comfortable about your situation, you have to call Josh right away.  In my opinion he has got to be the best DUI lawyer not only in San Diego but in all of Southern California!  I would highly recommend his services to anyone I know or just a stranger on the street. If he can help me HE CAN HEP YOU!

Thanks again Josh!!!!”

K.C.                           9/27/2013

 "When I was pulled over and arrested for suspicion of DUI in January 2013, I was terrified.  This was the first time I had been arrested in my entire life and had no idea if I would be able to maintain my obligations to my business or my family.  After meeting with Joshua Price, all my fears and anxiety about my case were put at ease.  Even though I blew a .17/.17, I felt confident that Mr. Price was the best fit for my case.  Once he took over I was able to focus on my life again and put this nightmare on the back burner.  Mr. Price kept in constant touch with me and was very easy to get a hold of.  I knew he was fighting tooth and nail every step of the way on my behalf.  It took about 3 or 4 hearings at the DMV before they upheld the suspension on my license.  Mr. Price was able to have that decision overturned on appeal and I kept my ability to drive the entire time he was fighting on appeal.  

Mr. Price had both counts of DUI completely dismissed and I had no license suspension at all!  I could not be more happy with my decision to hire Joshua Price and would highly recommend him to anyone out there looking for the best DUI Attorney possible!"

Anonymous                            9/16/2013

“In a situation where all the odds were against me, the only lawyer that was optimistic, but realistic was Joshua Price. After experiencing many upsets, I was charged with a DUI which the circumstances did not look promising for me. However, Joshua was able to overcome the odds to drop the charges to a WET and Reckless, something many lawyers and friends that have been in that situation thought was impossible to accomplish, yes impossible. Joshua was able to make the impossible, possible. Thanks to his dedication, knowledge and years of experience I'm now able to retain my career and continue supporting my family.”

Emmanuel                           8/19/2013

"Thank You, Thank You. I don't know where I would be if I didn't have you backing me up  In my DUI case where I blew a .14. I thought I was a goner but you helped me out of it. Highly appreciated it for never giving up and for the knowledge you have given me as well. I'll be recommending you to family, friends, and fellow marines. Thank you once again for taking care of my case helping me out making sure I didn't have to lose time out of work for court and making sure my record is clean free from a DUI.! Couldn't thank you enough!"

Jose                           8/07/2013

"I was pulled over for window tint by a chp officer after leaving a bar with some friends, I had a couple drinks and felt fine but according to the officer I was over the legal limit, so I was cited for dui and arrested.. when I got out the next day I had no idea what to do, I knew I had to fight it because my job was on the line, luckily I was put intuch with Joshua price, after reading so many good reviews and my first conversation with Joshua I was relieved to know he would be defending me.. joshua knew exactly what to do and was able to get me the best outcome.. he won the dmv hearing and got my dui reduced to a wet and wreckless... My license was never suspended and didn't have to file for an Sr22 which was my main concern. I am so glad I called joshua, I would strongly recommend him to anyone facing a dui."

J.C.                           7/23/2013

"Josh was able to get my DUI dismissed and I was acquitted of all charges, this was awesome considering I was about to lose my Commercial Drivers license."

Tim                           7/14/2013

"My daughter got into some trouble underage and speaking with another attorney before Josh, we left her office more upset and with no hope than when we came to see her. She also wanted double the price with no hope of anything being resolved but managed to send us leaving her office hopeless and in big trouble. After meeting with Josh, he reassured us what was going to happen, that he could help and exactly what was going to happen. Our nerves calmed down immediately and he helped us through what was a very stressful time and we felt confident for once that we sought the right help. He had her 2 misdemeanors reduced to an infraction, a small fine and some community service. It was a process and Josh guided us through it. His expertise was precise and is very knowledgeable in the court systems and DUI process. We received pure support  from Josh and he was easy to get in touch with. My daughter is now on her way to a wonderful career and putting the past behind her. We are so very grateful and would highly recommend Josh to friends, family etc. We are putting this experience behind us.  Thank you Josh!"

Lori                           6/19/2013

Dear Josh,

I want to thank you again for resolving all issues with my DUI case. The past 6 months have been stressful, as you well know. After getting pulled over and arrested for suspicion of DUI and a probation violation from a previous DUI, I had little hope that I would be able to continue with my career. I was facing possible jail time, alcohol programs and a one-year license suspension that would have ended my career. I believe the DMV and the DA wanted to make an example of me and made it a real challenge for you to defend my case. You were persistent in seeing that the government agencies were held accountable to the law and owning up to mistakes you discovered in their actions.

Your knowledge of the law and your experience is exceptional. You were very well prepared for every turn of events and clearly explained potential outcomes. You showed the judge that the DA was wasting taxpayer money by pursuing this case, got the case dismissed and then got the DMV to overturn their ruling and got me acquitted of everything. A conviction from the DMV or Court would have sealed my fate regarding my career. The value of having competent legal representation is a lesson I will never forget. The fact that you spent an entire day in court on my behalf after my case had been dismissed to see the judge speaks volumes of your integrity and your sense for what is right.

You knew what to do at every hurdle we encountered (which were plenty), and allowed me to maintain my career. I cannot recommend your law office highly enough for your professionalism and competency.

Tom                            5/14/2013

“This was my first offense for DUI and I was so scared at the beginning, but after meeting Josh he really calmed my nerves. After researching attorneys in San Diego, my dad found Josh and hiring him was the best decision we made in the process. He is super easy to talk to and he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about DUI's. He was non-judgmental and very supportive throughout the entire process. I blew a .22 and was beyond nervous about the outcome of my sentencing. After four months of hearings, court dates and negotiating, Josh was able to get my BAL down to a .19 which dramatically changed my punishment. When I had questions I would text Josh and he was really good about getting back to me quickly. Our meetings were casual yet concise and we handled everything in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend Josh Price to friends, family and strangers!”

Paige M.                           5/13/2013

“If you’re looking for a great attorney to help you with a D.U.I, I highly recommend Joshua Price. Josh was a pleasure to work with being very knowledgeable about everything having to do with the particulars of my case. Also I was very impressed with the fact that he constantly kept me updated about my case, and was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I raised.

I honestly thought that my case was hopeless, and I was going to be convicted of a D.U.I, because I had a blood test taken that showed me having a B.A.C of over .13. Josh was able to work his magic and get two counts of D.U.I reduced to a wet reckless.

I am very happy I used Josh to help me out of this mess and highly recommend his services.”

James                            4/27/2013

"Josh Price was great!  He did exactly what he promised to do.  I am very happy with his service and appreciate all he did for me."

K.J.                            3/13/2013

"Joshua Price is amazing to say the least. He was there every step of the way and really wants to help in every way possible. He tries his best on getting you what you ask for and he also will explain to you everything that you don't know and what you will need to know. Always in communication with you either through direct call or email. I am happy I chose him. I have no complaints at all."

Niko S.                           3/1/2013

“In July of 2012 I was pulled over for speeding in El Cajon and was ultimately arrested for driving under the influence. Over the next few days after this event, I did a lot of researching and talking to friends who had been through this ordeal as well as contacted several DUI defense attorneys. Each of them had their own strategies to help me, but they did not give me the comfort and reassurance I was expecting to feel from them, it seemed as though they were more focused on price and only getting my case reduced rather than getting it thrown out which is what everyone hopes will happen. After doing more research followed by days of stress and worrying about my future, my girlfriend told me to check out DUI Attorney Joshua Price and gave me his number to give him a call. I contacted his firm and set up a meeting for the following day at their office. When I walked in everyone in the office appeared very professional, dressed in suits and ties, unlike one attorney I had met with earlier in the week who had on jeans a dirty shirt and no shoes.

After meeting with them I felt the confidence and security that I was looking for and decided to use them on my case. After several phone conversations along with meeting Joshua Price to discuss my case, I not only felt like he was my attorney but he was very cool and made me feel like a friend not just another client. In our meeting, Josh told me that the process could take several months to get resolved or get an outcome, and to be patient that if I didn't hear from him for a week or two that he had not forgotten about my case but rather we would be waiting on the court or dmv to make the next move. Josh had also told me that all cases had different outcomes and that if I talked to anyone about my situation to not be influenced by what they might say in the negative aspect.

I wanted to know how my case was different from other people who had gone through similar situation so I talked with a few people I knew who had been charged with DUI's. They did tell me that lawyers were a waste of money and that I should have gone with a public defender, that all the people in their DUI classes that had lawyers still got charged and the lawyers did nothing for them. Of course this made me nervous but I told myself to just trust that confidence I felt in Joshua Price. Over the next several weeks and months I talked with Josh pretty regularly and he would update me on the status of the case. I was also given his personal cell number and e-mail so I could contact him with any questions or concerns I had.

Josh did a very good job educating me on all the aspects of how the law works in DUI cases and how there are so many procedures the cops have to follow as well as performing the FST's (field sobriety tests) correctly. Josh kept in touch on a weekly basis updating me on how things were going. Josh drafted a filed a Motion to Suppress evidence in my case based on an unlawful arrest. In mid December I went to court with him for the hearing on the Motion and Josh went back and forth with the D.A. on evidence and its validity. I was extremely impressed with Josh's defense he had prepared and the Judge granted his motion to suppress all the evidence in my case. The District Attorney asked for more time to try and find another angle of attack he could take. However, two weeks later was the final court date and Josh called me mid day to inform me that my DUI case had been dismissed! I was very thankful that I had entrusted Josh and his firm with my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone I come in contact with who is needing DUI defense help.

Thanks again Josh! I really appreciate the effort and work you put into my case! You not only made me feel more at ease about my situation, but I also felt like there was someone on my side! I cannot tell you how important that was! Thank you!”

Cody                           2/17/2013

"Josh Price came highly recommended as a competent DUI attorney.  When I contacted him, he explained the various outcomes that could take place.  I knew I was in a heap of trouble when I was found to have a BAC of .20 which has very tough consequences.  After his investigation of the actual stop and going to  the place where I was pulled over and given a field sobriety test, he took many pictures and measurements. Although the arresting officer seemed to do everything correctly, Josh was able to uncover discrepancies which provide him negotiating room with the prosecutor.  He was able to to get my DUI reduced substantially which saved me many months of classes, community service, and also was able to garner a reduced fine.  I highly recommend Joshua Price because of his competency, efficiency, thoroughness, and follow through.  He is always available and promptly returns phone calls.  His rates are more than fair and, as a veteran, I was given a price break.  I believe he to be a fine example of legal expertise in his field and I know that you will be more than pleased with his services."

Gary H.                            2/7/2013

“Josh was an excellent attorney for me during a horrible time in my life.  Josh was very thorough and was very reliable in this case.  He has a great record and always looked out for what was best for me and my situation.  He has great follow up skills and I completely trust him!  Thank you so much for all your help Josh!”

Rock S.                            1/25/2013

“Right from the first meeting with Josh, I always felt as though mine was the only case he was trying at the time. That’s how much attention I felt I was given. With every meeting and every phone conversation I never questioned his commitment to doing the very best he could to get me the best possible outcome. He knew every detail about my case. Because of his knowledge about the laws and codes, he helped me to win the DMV hearing, resulting in NO license suspension. He reviewed every detail of my case and fought hard for me, even when I wasn't sure it was worth it. Every morning I would walk into court feeling doubtful, but soon after seeing and hearing how well prepared he was to counter everything negative they presented about me, I felt confident that I had a chance. Three days into court they finally made me the deal we had hoped for. I am convinced it came after seeing how well Josh had prepared the case down to the last detail. I am beyond grateful for everything he did for me. I plan to never need his services again! But I will definitely, 100% be sure to recommend him to anyone who is looking.”

-D.S.M.                           1/23/2013

“Josh Price is awesome!  I blew a .20 and was extremely scared for my job. Josh almost got my whole case thrown out on a faulty stop. It was extremely close; Josh put a lot of hard work into my case. In the end he got me plead down to about a 3rd of what I could have been charged with. He was always prompt on emails & calls and couldn't have been more determined, empathetic & knowledgeable about my case. Josh was amazing I thank him from the bottom of my heart. ;)”

Heather K.                            1/21/2013

"I needed Josh's assistance to clear up an old DUI conviction in San Diego, so that I could apply for a license in another state. He was incredibly helpful! In addition, unlike other attorneys with whom I have dealt over the years, he was extremely prompt in returning both telephone calls and e-mails, and he kept me advised immediately of any updates. I would very highly, and very gladly, recommend him strongly to anyone in need of the services he provides!"

Steve                            1/15/2013

"When I was pulled over by a CHP Officer and eventually arrested for a DUI back in March, I was very nervous and didn't know how to deal with the DUI charge and what to expect. Josh Price was the best Law Firm and Attorney I could have wished for. Josh single handedly dealt with my case in a professional manner. He explained the full detail of the law, the separate Court and DMV procedure and specific strategy on how to best go about the case and secure best possible outcome. He was in regular contact with me, keeping me updated on progress, answering any questions I had and advising me on my options throughout the hearings of the case. The outcome of my case was fair, as I was charged with a WET instead of DUI and with a stipulation to .07 and a 12hr education course only. I can't thank Josh enough for insisting that I do appeal the original DMV's license suspension decision (when I thought I didn't have chance) and fight it out at the Sacramento Central DMV, which we won with me getting immediate reinstatement of driving privileges without the need to do the 3-month DUI program anymore. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for representation for a DUI charge."

A.K.                           11/12/2012

"When I was charged with a DUI, I was worried and did not know where to even begin. After meeting with and hiring attorney Joshua Price I felt more comfortable in moving forward. Mr. Price regularly spoke with me about the case, and made all options clear throughout the proceedings. Due to Mr. Price’s experience and knowledge of the law we were able to reach a far better option."

Anonymous                            10/28/2012

“I had a great experience working with Josh on my DUI case. He handled my case professionally and with my best interests at mind. I blew a .18 and was facing up to 7 days community service, a hefty fine and a suspended license when consulted Josh. After taking his advice, I won my DMV hearing, which allowed me to receive a restricted license immediately, and received no community service. He was very knowledgeable and gave me options on which actions I could take to fight my case without pressure. I have already recommended Josh to friends that have found themselves facing a DUI and I have shared my good experience with each of them.”

Ryan S.                           10-26-2012

Helped me stay SANE during my DUI

“Josh was amazing during the entire process of my DUI case. This was my first "run-in" with the law and I was very scared & embarrassed about my DUI. From the moment I met with Josh, he gave me some peace of mind & I felt I could trust him. I had interviewed several other lawyers before him, from the STACK of flyers that came in the mail. He was very kind along with being very thorough about everything. This stuff is complicated.... so leave it up to him. He knows what he is doing! Josh made all appearances for me and called me IMMEDIATELY following court. It's like he had me on speed dial...I always felt I was his first priority. Josh was always VERY clear on what could be the possible outcomes of my sentence. I was so LUCKY & THANKFUL to get my DUI dropped to a Wet & Reckless. Thank you Josh, for everything you did. I would recommend Mr. Price to ANYONE in need of a DUI lawyer.”

Anonymous                            9-4-12

“On February 11, 2012 as I waited in line at the U.S.-Mexico Border, I was detained by Customs Agents who detained me to wait for California Highway Patrol who arrested me for suspicion of DUI. Immediately after my arrest I got into contact with the friendly and extremely prepared attorney, Joshua Price. He quickly responded to my questions and grasped the key legal arguments of my case. Within 3 months, Mr. Price not only defeated my DUI charge to NOT GUILTY, but also got my COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE re-instated. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Price for his services and recommend him to the entire County of San Diego because not only did he save my license, but my job as well. Thank you so much Joshua Price!”

D.F.                           9-4-12

“Josh - thank you so much for your help! You made this nightmare go away and helped me get on with my life.  You are very professional and I appreciate all your support.”

P.P.                           8/22/2012

“Joshua Price was very knowledgeable about the laws. Very persistent and informative. I was charged with a third dui so I hired Mr. Price to defend me. We took my case to trial, and came out with a nine innocent to three guilty verdict. Mr. Price was very trustworthy and very good at what he does. I have had one lawyer before Mr. Price whom I felt just wanted to get my case over with, and did not represent me well at all. Mr. Price on the other hand took his time and prepared my case I feel the best any lawyer could do. At the end of it all it seemed he really cared for my best interests, and I would recommend this lawyer any day.”

J.W.                           8/3/2012

“I was pulled over in September of 2011 for suspected drinking and driving. I blew a .049 and being under 21 that was bad news. I was facing a one-year license suspension. I am not sure what I would have done if I didn't find Josh Price. Josh was great in helping me through the case and explaining all the processes and everything that was going on. Not only was he friendly and professional but he won my DMV hearing, which meant my license would not be suspended. I could not have been more happy with the way Josh handled the case and would recommend him to anyone in San Diego.”

C.F.                             1/30/2012


Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.  I have no doubt that the outcome would have been significantly worse, had you not been my attorney!  Your fighting spirit was superb!

J.L.                           11/08/2011

“I would like to say thank you to my lawyer Joshua Price.  I got a second DUI with my prior in Florida about five or six years ago.  Most cases only take a few times going to court and it is resolved.  Mine on the other hand was a lot more than that.  My lawyer went to court for me about 15 times or more over the course of a year.  It ended up going to trial and my lawyer Mr. Price had worked hard and building my case and got me a very good outcome.  Mr. Price was able to get my prior stricken and made this new one look like a first time offense.  That meant no jail time, and no Sheriff work.  I received a punishment far less than what it would have been if I was charged with a second offense.  I really want to thank Mr. Price for all his hard work.”

M.M.                           9/22/2011

Joshua Price; The Lawyer Who Saved My Career

“As a government employee at a state correctional facility I thought my life was over when I was charged with a felony DUI. I was facing mandatory jail time and a one-year license suspension, which would have effectively ended my career. I was referred to Joshua Price and he not only had the felony charge struck down, but he also saved my license from a one-year suspension! I was able to retain my employment, my home, and stay out of jail. Mr. Price may look like a surfer, but he bites like a Pit Bull. I can honestly and whole heartedly recommend Mr. Joshua Price to anyone needing a great DUI lawyer.”

John                           7/7/2011

“Facing a DUI arrest & charges were the utmost difficult time I've had to accept let alone trying to keep my self confidence. Joshua made me feel like I could trust him when he listened to all my concerns and description of events. He helped keep me focused through this ordeal professionally and kept me addressed of issues pertinent to my case. I was more than pleased with his representation & would recommend him or law firm for representation to anyone. The outcome of my case was profitable and well worth any costs.”

Anonymous                           5/2011

“Mr. Price was excellent in keeping me inform and he delivered when all seemed to fail. He is a great lawyer and I would gladly have him as my lawyer again. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to me having to need a lawyer. Mr. Price worked hard and quickly to make sure I got the best deals available. He was straightforward and honest about everything. He loves what he does and it shows through his work ethics. I hope him the best. He has given me a second chance and I will work hard not to let his efforts go to waste.”

P.C.                            5/2011

“First off, I would like to thank you for getting my case dismissed. I know you really did not have much to work with, but you worked very hard to get my case dropped. You kept me informed of every little detail through the length of the case. You have afforded me the opportunity to keep my driver’s license and to continue on with the pursuit of my career in the ARMY. No words can describe what you have done for me and my family. I was not expecting any of this to work out the way it did. Thank you again for all your help.”

JS                           2/15/2011

Dear Mr. Price,

I just wanted to send you a personal note of gratitude for all that you did for my son. I was shocked to receive the letter that stated his DUI case has been dismissed. A complete dismissal was more than I could have even hoped for. I have never been so thankful. You are responsible for giving him back his life so that he can move forward with education and career. Words cannot describe how thankful our family is for all of your help with this case so I will just say THANK YOU, Merry Christmas and A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours.

LW                           1/30/2011

“I would highly recommend Josh Price to represent anyone with a DUI. He was very professional and caring and was available to me any time day or night. With 2 DUI’s in 10 days, Josh Price was able to get one case dismissed and I didn’t have to do any jail time. I would recommend him to anyone who is charged with a DUI."

SH                           1/07/2011

“I want to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate how you defended my son with his DUI’s. I was impressed with your professionalism and knowledge in court and am grateful my son didn’t have to do any time in jail. I would highly recommend you to anyone facing a DUI.”

El Cajon, CA                            1/2/2011

“I was pulled over by CHP on March 22, 2010 for suspicion of DUI. I blew a .12 and was arrested for DUI. I didn't know what to do at the time since I had another DUI pending from the previous year. I talked to approximately 30 lawyers before I came across Josh. I am so glad I called Josh J Price because he immediately made me feel comfortable explaining to me everything I needed to know about DUI's here in San Diego County and on possible outcomes that would be favorable to me. He handled my case very strategically which led to me being charged as a first timer for the second time after many court hearings and finally getting me that great deal from the D.A. Without Josh's steadfast and unwavering determination I would have most likely received a much worse sentence which would have probably included jail time. He was always easy to get a hold of if I had any questions and always updated me on any changes in my case. I am so grateful to Josh and would highly recommend him to anyone who gets arrested. He will go above and beyond his duties to get you a great outcome!”

JA-                           11/26/2010

“Thank you for everything you've done for my DUI case. When I first got a DUI I believed it was the end of everything. You have helped me go through this process very easy. I'm taking this DUI as an eye opener, as in I should not drive with any alcohol in my system. Thanks again in helping me with this inconvenient time in my life.”

V.M.                           11/19/2010

“After being pulled over and charged with a DUI, I was in disarray of how to handle the problem. I was worried about the possibility of missing time from work to make court appearances, possible jail time, fines, and the effect the charge would have on my career. After hiring Josh J. Price to represent me, all my worries ended. With Josh, I never had to make a court appearance, didn’t miss any time from work, and didn’t go to jail. The DA refused to reduce the charge from a DUI and I was willing to plead to a DUI, however Mr. Price fought for me all the way through and was able to get my charges significantly reduced so that I did not end up with a DUI on my record. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Joshua J. Price; he will fight for your rights!”

Petty Officer US Navy                           11-18-2010

"Josh Price handled my case with professionalism and care I expected from an attorney working on my DUI case. He was knowledgeable, attentive to my needs, and knew how to get the job done. I would definitely recommend Josh Price if you're in need of a DUI lawyer to help you in your time of need!"

-M.R.                            11/11/2010

“When I was charged with a DUI I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. Josh Price was the best Attorney I could have wished for. Josh handled my case in a professional and efficient manner. He was in regular contact with me and answered any questions that I had. The outcome of my case was far better than I imagined due to Josh's thoroughness and ability as a lawyer. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for representation for a DUI charge.”

-J.W.                           11/2/2010

“I was stopped in California for not wearing my seat belt. Earlier in the day I had been to a social event and had a couple of glasses of wine. Even though I refused to take any tests and answer any questions relevant to my prior activities the officer arrested me for DUI anyway. I am a retired police officer and after being arrested (for the first time) I was mortified. I interviewed several attorneys via the telephone and became convinced that Joshua Price was the attorney I needed.

He and his associates were very thorough and professional. The District Attorney decided to add the charge of Evading Police. The State of California initially dismissed the automatic revocation of license for refusing to take a blood test then changed their minds. Through all this Joshua Price was going to war for me. If it hadn't been for his tenacity I'm convinced there would have been a different outcome for me, one with severe consequences. Joshua found a monumental error in the officer’s report and we avoided a DUI conviction by making a deal with the DA for a non-alcohol related traffic charge.

After nine months of requests for hearings rescheduling etc: The State of California eventually "stayed" and set aside the automatic revocation of my driver’s license. This would never have happened had it not been for Joshua Price. If you are arrested, hire Joshua Price. He is reasonable and a very competent attorney."

-JD                            8/23/2010

“I had a hearing on July 21, 2010 for a DUI case. My attorney Josh Price was really prepared and knew the ins and outs of my case. After the hearing was over he had a motion granted to suppress all of the evidence against me, which is what we needed to obtain a dismissal. I was really happy to get this result since Border Patrol and CHP were trying to charge me with a DUI. I really thank Josh Price and I want to recommend him to all of San Diego.”

C.T.                            7-21-2010

DUI Client Reviews

Joshua Price; The Lawyer Who Saved My Career
“As a government employee at a state correctional facility I thought my life was over when I was charged with a felony DUI."

I will always be grateful.
"I personally got my DUI dismissed in its entirety.  All the back up research I did for SR-22 and bus routes and everything I was able to completely let off my shoulders because of Josh."

Awesome guy, and hell of a hard worker!
"He was honest with me when need be and patient to walk me through the ins and outs of each detail pertaining to the whole craziness of getting a DUI."

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