Fourth DUI within ten years-
No Seatbelt; .25 Breath-facing up to 3 years state prison
Result- No jail time

VC 2800.2 (Felony Evading Police); Two Counts VC 20002(a); VC 23152(a)(b)
Felony Evading Police/ Multiple hit and runs/ High speed chase through San Diego; .19 BLOO
Result- Misdemeanor evading Police; Misdemeanor DUI; No jail time

Fourth DUI within ten years-
Failure to use turn signal; .09 Breath
Result- Dry reckless; No jail time


DUI Client Reviews

Joshua Price; The Lawyer Who Saved My Career
“As a government employee at a state correctional facility I thought my life was over when I was charged with a felony DUI."

I will always be grateful.
"I personally got my DUI dismissed in its entirety.  All the back up research I did for SR-22 and bus routes and everything I was able to completely let off my shoulders because of Josh."

Awesome guy, and hell of a hard worker!
"He was honest with me when need be and patient to walk me through the ins and outs of each detail pertaining to the whole craziness of getting a DUI."

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